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$reviewQueue$ audits
$Total$ audits: $Percentage$% passed $Total$監査総数:合格率: $Percentage$%
[Download the election data]($link$) and use OpenSTV for [Windows]($pclink$) or [macOS]($maclink$) to audit the results. [選挙データをダウンロード]($link$)して、OpenSTV の [Windows 版]($pclink$)もしくは [macOS 版]($maclink$)で結果を監査できます。
All audits
Anyone may [download the election data]($link$). Voters have access to pre-built [OpenSTV software]($link2$) to audit the results; all others may use [this source distribution]($link3$). 誰でも[選挙データをダウンロードできます]($link$)。投票者は事前にビルドされた [OpenSTV ソフトウェア]($link2$)を使って結果の監査ができます。あるいは[配布されているソースコード]($link3$)も利用できます。
audit 監査
Automated review suspension after multiple failed audits 複数回の監査失敗に伴う自動的なレビュー停止
Displaying $count$ out of $totalCount$ review audit items for this user このユーザーの合計$totalCount$件のレビュー監査項目のうち$count$件を表示
Failed audits
How do I audit my reputation? 自分の信用度を監査するには?
Quality Audit 品質監査
Review audit failed $when$: レビュー監査は $when$ に不合格となりました:
Review audit passed $when$: レビュー監査は $when$ に合格しました:
Review audits レビュー監査
There are many types of questions that you could ask that would be useful to share. Below is a list of some questions you could ask on your Team. Feel free to pick one, many, or create your own: * Do we have a general remote work policy that covers availability expectations and other aspects? * What is our vacation policy? * How should I share a password with another employee? * What is our process for responding to GDPR Data Requests? * How do I buy software? * How do I get a new computer? A new monitor? * What is our conference and education policy? * What is our open source policy? * What is our Information Security policy? * What is our Data Classification policy? * What is our Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) policy? * What is our Acceptable Use policy? * What is our Risk Management Program? * What is our Internal Audit Program? * What is our Security Incident Response Procedure? * What is our Disaster Recovery Procedure? * What is our Data Retention Schedule?
This is an audit これは監査です。
This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. **You didn't pass.** これは、あなたが注意を払っているかどうかを判断するための監査でした。**あなたは合格しませんでした。**